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Friday, January 11, 2013

Safe Guard from Competition

Hello Readers,
Today,being a part of the sales meeting at our corporate office,learnt ample strategies related,"how to attain competitive advantage",and "how to position our product in the market in these intense competitive environment..and also learnt the defintion of DABAANG....

In this context i would like to share some vital information regarding competitive advantage,here is the post recently i read in a book..

A major task for any sales team is to bullet-proof its business plan so when competitors try to steal customers, the competition is shot down.

As much as your salespeople want to retain their customers’ business, the competition wants to take it away. But despite intense competition or difficult times, it’s possible to take steps to prevent the competition from stealing your customers.

Here are rules that, if followed, will keep competitors’ hands off your customers. Share them with your sales team.

  1. Never, ever stop worrying. Anyone who thinks he or she has it made becomes vulnerable. Sales reps need to constantly look not just at the strengths of their products or services, but at the entire context of their relationships with the customers.
  2. Never take any customer for granted. Even though your company may be doing a good job of taking care of customer needs, that’s not nearly enough today. It’s the ideas, the information, the help, the guidance and the insight that you give customers that’ll continue to earn you the privilege of doing business with them.
  3. Never think that you’ve got a corner on the market. That type of thinking leads to complacency. Customers who feel they’re being taken for granted will become vulnerable to competitors. The biggest problem for salespeople is letting all the fancy features of what they sell get in their way. Customers don’t care about what your company sells; they just want to know how it’ll help them achieve their goals.
  4. Never assume you really know your customers. They change. One of the key roles of a salesperson must be to gather information continually about his or her customers. What’s happening to them? What changes are they facing? What problems are they having? What difficulties are they encountering in the marketplace?
  5. Never stop selling your company. In order to create customer loyalty, your customers must “buy” your company. Keep selling them on your qualities and service. A major task for your sales team is to do everything possible to cause a customer to want to do business with your company.
  6. Anticipate and prepare for as many obstacles and objections as possible. Prepare your responses in advance. Keep your commitments. Do what you say you’re going to do, and make that your guarantee.

    "Be DABANG(a famous hindi movie) to shot down the competition"

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