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Monday, June 25, 2012

Account Manager's

Hello  Readers,
By this post i would like to discuss few things about Account Management,and the Role of Account Managers in a Company,Which the Revenue is mainly come from selling products and services..
  Note: one of my friends expressed bit confusion statement about Accounts Manager & Account Manager.....But Both are entirely different roles in nature, First one is closely related to Finance and Accounts, Second term relates to Revenue Generation and Customer Relations...

Let we go through Briefly about Account Manage(rs)ment.

An account manager (Sales) is a person in a business who is responsible for the management of the sales and relationship with particular customers. They are usually allocated particular customers especially key accounts that provide the most business..

 Responsibilites of an Account Manager:

The responsibilities of an account manager vary depending on the nature of the business. The account manager builds client relationship by acting as the interface between the Customer service teams and sales teams within a company. The goal is to maintain the company's existing relationship with a client or group of clients, so that they will continue using the company for business. The account manager also tries to identify potential new clients and business opportunities and to persuade new customers to place business with the company.
Account managers are responsible for working with clients to identify their needs and work out how the company can best meet those requirements, in order that the client does not decide to place business elsewhere. Normally an account manager looks after existing Customers (called "farming") and leaves the creation of new accounts to the Sales team (called "hunting").
Depending on the size of the company, account managers might manage a single account or they may have a variety of clients. An account manager might have responsibility for an account at national level or at global level. Global account managers and national account managers may work together in a hierarchical or matrix structure. The trend is to move responsibility for the major key accounts to the global level.Key Account Manager
Key account management includes sales but also includes planning and managing the full relationship between a business and its most important customers. An account manager who works in this role will engage in a variety of tasks including Project management coordination, Strategic planning, Relationship management, negotiation, leadership and innovative development of opportunities. keeping record of transaction of sale and purchase goods.

Sales profile consider as Key role for any organisation actively involving in making money from exchange of their goods for a value..and sales people are considered as Revenue Generators.

But Things in the competitive Business environment are drastically changed..Every organisation Striving to achieving Desired Growth to in line with the Management and owners(share holders) Expectations....
 To achieve the collective goals of an should be aligned according to the operating business model..
My organisation always on the first line to adapt the changes to transform towards successfull business model..For ex: ASPIRE Programme is meant for Transformation..Like this many organisation taking intiatives with various Names..
 How Many of us Agree if i say "Employee first, customer next"..This statement has been applied successfully in HCL Technologies to attain high productivity from their employees, where the company is highly dependent on the services and product engineering(here Major CAPEX is in the form of intangible human intelligence)

                                           Thanks for Reading!!!!

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