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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Basic Steps in Selling

Hello Readers,
In this post we  discuss about the basic steps of  selling process.

The selling process involves a series of steps that may appear to be a sequential process, but there is a lot of movement back and forth between the different steps that will ultimately lead to closing the deal. 
The selling process will vary by industry and personal preference, but these six essential steps will help you close more deals and help grow your business.

1. The Cold Call (Meet and Greet) :
This initial introduction will set the stage for the rest of the selling process. This is the icebreaker, the time to get the customer to relax and feel comfortable. This is your chance to build rapport with the customer so you need to be sincere, friendly and humorous. You try to capture the customer's interest by asking those questions that make them think and learn more about your products and services.

2. The Qualifying Call (Customer's Needs) :
In this meeting you will ask questions to help you identify what the customer wants and needs. During this step, your open-ended questions will help you assess how the prospect will benefit from your products. If you qualify the customer properly, you will be able to fulfill his/her needs and wants. You can also establish credibility and a relationship during the meeting.

3. The Demo Call (Demonstration): 
Now you can show all you know about your products or services. The presentation will cover the 
features of the products; the physical characteristics. But most importantly, you will want to 
concentrate on the benefits of your products or services. The benefits will show the customer "what’s it for them" and why they should buy. Remember that people don’t like to be sold, but they want solutions to their problems.

4. The Proposal :
You will formalize your offer to the prospect. In short, you illustrate how your products and services solve the prospect’s problem. Your proposal will justify the prospect’s investment with you and the benefits they will receive. It is best to provide prospects with a formal written proposal accompanied by an in-person presentation of the proposal.

5. Show me the Money (Close) :
After you have presented your proposal, you should ask for their business. Ideally, the prospect will have given you signals along the way. If you have done a good job during the qualifying meeting and developed a strong proposal, you should feel confident when asking for the order. You should not feel embarrassed to ask for their business. Remember, you are really asking permission to solve their problems.

6. Relationship Building :
After celebrating the sale, it is time to get back to selling. Now you will want to ensure that your new customer is happy and satisfied with the results. Take time to follow up with the customer and start building that long-term relationship.Relationship always helps you to get repeat business from customers.

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